Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Things I stop and say "Thank You" for almost every single day

1. My scrumptious NASA invented, molding foam, thermarest, whatever bed!
2. My cute little sporty blue car.... with a sunroof..:)
3. The sun...I can't get enough of it...I think I'm sun deficient....
4. My Hubby...he's just amazing!
5. The sky...I am almost daily awed and moved to thankfulness by either the endless blue, the fluffy clouds, the blackness with pinpoints of stars or the deep rolling grey clouds...especially the stars at night....
6. My children...Jeff, Bek, James, & Kate...I am so blessed! and so proud!
7 The Lord...thankful to the Lord, for Himself... :)
8. The flowers I drive by each morning on my way to work..they take my breath...
9. My Jada...Oh God! She is so wonderful!
10. The way the curtains and linens smell with the windows open all day....yum!
11. The wind...I close my eyes and feel His touch
12. My back yard....my peaceful refuge...
13. Sweet tea.
14. You, my blog friends...its true...

....and I had absolutely no difficulty coming up with this list...

Is there something you say thanks for almost every day?


MugwumpMom said...

I love that you say Thank you to the Lord for Himself.
I'm most thankful for the Lord too, and for the people He has put into my life.
Have a thank filled, restful day.

bjk said...

My Saviour
My husband
My children
My Grandchildren
My church

Birmingham Girl said...

I thank God for His Son several times a day!
I'm thankful for my husband, my children, grandchildren.
my job even if I complain
I'm thankful for the opportunity to sing praise
I'm thankful for my wonderful blog friends..you encourage, make me laugh and cause me to humble my heart to pray!

BarBarA said...

Great List! I say thanks for running water, electricity, my son, my health, my friends (including blog) and for God's grace, mercy and forgiveness!!!

Deb said...

Oh--we have one of those beds too and I am thankful for a good night's rest!

I'm thankful for more than enough food to eat. (maybe I should stop being so thankful for that...then God would bless me with less and I might lose weight...)

I'm thankful for my family.

I'm thankful for all of God's creation (except maybe the mosquitoes).

I'm thankful that Olivia starts preschool tomorrow morning and I will have several blocks of time in my week that I haven't had since she was born over four years ago! I pray I use the time wisely!

Mrs. Mac said...

I'm thankful to be my kid's mom. Even thankful my son has Down's syndrome (in a wierd thankful way) and gives good hugs and kisses. Thankful to live in the USA, thankful most for the price paid on the cross, ... my hubby, his job that has kept me as a sahm for 24 years. My list is long, so I'll stop here. :)

dawnaj1958 said...

Great post. Let's see.

His Love, His faithfulness to me.
Mom and Dad
Kids, in-laws and grandkids
Church Family
Home - here and later on
so much more

Tammy said...

I am thankful for a God who knows and cares about everything that goes on in my life!!

BekABoo said...

haha, you're up to 4 kids ;) And we are thankful for you too!

everydayRANDOM said...

Just to be given another day - whatever it may look like and for whomever I am given for the day. The people I cherish the most and those I may only know in passing. To take a picture, play with my babies or have a coke with a friend. It is all abut being in the moment and making it the best moment of your life...

Amydeanne said...

I'm thankful for my hubby and my kids, and for the day! :) (of course for Jesus for saving me!)

ps. I love bbq too, too bad it's cold here most of the year!

jayjay said...

Let me see now. . .
Each day thankful:
for the DAWN. . .the singing of birds. . .that there's a cafe out there waiting for me. . .and FRIENDS. . .that there's a MYSTERY to be unravelled, maybe more that day. . .that there's ALWAYS someone or something to look forward to, and that THIS is all just a shadow. What's the REAL thing like. . .when we see Him face to face.

Live, Love, Laugh said...

I am thankful for...
Accepting Christ as my Savior
Meeting my husband
My children
i could go on and on.........

Hattigrace said...

Tell me about your bed. I have been considering the investment into a Tempurpedic, but they are so pricey. Is that the brand you have? Would you mind telling me size, price, do you all have back issues, how much has it helped. . .

I am thankful for His forgiveness
His grace to help me walk right
My husband and family
My talent so I can work and support us
My friends
My bicycle and much much more!

angela said...

What a GRAET list...mine are popping up in my head even as I type. :)

Gina said...

Thank you for helping me reflect on what I'm thankful for Cheryl. Kudos to you for taking time to be grateful! He is good!

Margie said...

I loved your list!

Anonymous said...

Gotta be that sweet tea...2 cups a sugar to every gallon - just the way I like it!!!

Scott said...

With such a big list, it's hard to feel that life is anything but wonderful. Congrats for being so in tune with that.