Friday, October 20, 2006


Heard this old chorus on the radio this week...and it must be the old version cause I can't find anything in Google about it...who sings it, who wrote it...nothing...but it comes back to me from out of the past and has more value and meaning today than it did years ago when I first heard it
It certainly speaks to where I live....hidden in Him , wrapped in His mercy and grace...and I am SO incredibly grateful that it is no longer I who live but Christ who lives in me.

Be encouraged dear Christian....He cannot love you more, an dnothing you can do will make him love you less....cause when He looks at you ....He sees His beloved Son, in whom He is well pleased....

When He see me, He sees His righteousness
He see His Holy Spirit filling up the emptiness
When He looks at me, He sees the blood He shed
I'm glad He sees Himself each time He looks at me!


Ame said...

Awesome! Yes.

Mrs. Mac said...

His blood sure does make us "Sparkle" when it covers us :)

Anonymous said...

I remind myself of that daily..every gives me so much hope.

BTW Happy Belated Anniversary!! what a wonderful tribute to marriage!!

Birmingham Girl said...

What a great promise that NOTHING we do can make Him love us less!
Thanks for the beautiful reminder!

Kimber said...

Let that sink deep into all our souls - HE LOVES US - and NOTHING NOTHING NOTHING could make Him love us LESS - isn't that an awesome thing!!!!!

Great post :)

Paula said...

What wonderful lyrics. I'd love to hear this song. I am so thankful God has been teaching me this. I so needed to learn to rest in the provision of His grace and realize His unconditional regard and love for me. As I discover this, my whole life is changing.