Friday, December 02, 2005

Joy to the World!

You know, I keep hearing this stupid commercial on the radio and its bugging me. You may have heard it, its the "Rooms to Go" ad that says...."You find the room you want, the joy is real". It irks me every time I hear it.
That joy is not real!
Neither is a trip to the Bahamas or the perfect new car or pair of great shoes. This, my friends, is not joy!
This is just pleasure...pleasure is such a soulish thing...and don't get me wrong...I find just as much pleasure as anyone in the smell of new leather, a great vacation or a delicious meal...:-) All completely justifiable as pleasant.....But please don't tell me this is joy!

Please don't sully true Joy with such insignificance!
Joy is something spiritual, a higher thing. I have real Joy inside me all the time...sometimes I feel it more strongly than at other times, but it is there nonetheless, like a quiet undercurrent waiting to burst forth. I feel it when I am with my brothers and sisters...or my husband and children..and Jada, of course. :), or in the giving something of myself to others. I know real Joy when I create- something from within is brought to life and shared with those around me.... this is the experiencing of true Joy and it is a glorious high thing. It is so much more encompassing than mere pleasure.
Sharing life with others, giving of myself, reminds me of the Father bringing forth His Son and sharing His Joy with the world... Of course I can experience pleasure at the same time as Joy but the two are definitley not one and the same. Sometimes I feel deep Joy for no reason at all other than the simple fact that Joy Himself lives inside of me. Joy is so much greater, higher, and deeper than poor pleasure! ....As a matter of fact...Joy is a Person. His name is Jesus Christ. The Father gave His own Joy to us!
Let us not settle for living from our soul, let us soar in our spirits.
Let everyday be "JOY to the World!"


mama bear said...

Your perspective on things is really quite awesome. I had never thought of defining joy vs pleasure this way, although it is obvious. Just takes a genius to point it out for the rest of us. Hope you and yours have a wonderful Christmas season with all the true joy that comes with it.

Tammy said...

Amen...very well said. And it is so true...nothing in this life can even come close to the Joy of Jesus!

amie-j said...

What a wonderful post! This season it seems that people are really focused on what is important. It feels good!

Favorite Child said...

Way to go girl!!! PREACH!!!!

Amen... amen.. couldn't have said it better.

Gina said...

Love this. Amen and joy to you.

Kim said...

Amen my sister!! He is our Joy!!

Thank you Father for your living Joy!

And thank you Father for Cheryl!

Goody said...

Joy, unspeakable and full of glory. That is what this year has been! I am so glad that I get you for a sister Cheryl! You are adorable!