Friday, May 08, 2015

Savoring Springtime

I love is the season of joy and newness, excitement and is truly the time of singing for me.  A song is never really far from my heart or my lips but sometimes I think that may be more from habit than actual joy.  Not so in Springtime...the air, the scents, the sun, the birds...all of it brings such joy that how can a song not burst forth?!
But this has not always been the case....I am a type A personality, I think...a straight line, bottom line kind of girl who doesn't really enjoy meandering...Just let me "get there" has been my motto for most of my life!  Unfortunately this means that Spring has mostly been bypassed as quickly as possible to get to my favorite seasons of Summer and then Autumn.
 Big mistake, Girl!  
As I have grown I have begun to learn about the journey...the moment...about time running quickly by and about savoring it before it is gone.
And so I have come to see the beauty and benefit of Springtime......I have learned to savor the open windows and cool breezes...the birds and squirrels chattering...the smells of all too short lived flowers..and I think "savor" is the key word here...Anyone can enjoy these things..and we all do or there would be no such thing as Spring Fever...but to "savor"...this is the thing....
Winter is have come...and so the time of singing...Savor Life!


Anonymous said...

Soaring right along with you through the spring .. in anticipation of summer. Drinking in the scents one by one. Mrs. Mac

Trish said...

Beautiful post, my friend! Spring, has always been my favorite Season. After our long cold Winters...the earth bursts forth in glorious color and Gods handiwork amazes me!
My Daddy would be singing you....he always had a song in his heart. I love you girl.