Saturday, November 03, 2012


I am incredibly thankful for my amazing husband.  He has been Christ to me in so many ways, day after day after day...loving me, giving himself to me and our family, challenging me, wooing me...long after the first blush of our marriage....I often think that he is the reason I am saved...Not that he is God, but he has been God to me...over and over....and thorough him the Holy Spirit has been able to break through my blindness and walls and grow Jesus in me.   Thank you, Lord, for this man you have given me.  I am truly blessed!


Mrs. Mac said...

Awww .. such a beautiful relationship you both have together AND with the Lord. Yes, indeed, a union to be thankful about.

Terry said...

this is so beautiful, just as mrs.mac
says....i really appreciated at the sister's reunion about marriage.
that story you told about his being the speaker at a church meeting really was the cutest thing!!
i will look forward to the next sister reunion and meeting up with you terry

Pia said...

Sweet... Stay blessed. =)

Anonymous said...

You truly are. Blessed, that is.wwonder how you'd fare if he wasn't so wonderful.