Sunday, February 15, 2009

Deep...or not...

Well its Sunday afternoon and I'm sitting at the computer licking peanut butter off my fingers to try and type something. Today I have bought groceries and cleaned a little, I have wondered if my brakes need work and if my husband is feeling ok. I have conversed with my mom, my daughter, the auntie who had J overnight and the aforementioned hubby who answers in monosyllables...which makes me wonder if he feels ok. I have a pain in my cheek which makes me wonder if I have a sinus infection and I have appreciated, for the umteenth time, the gorgeous paintings I found and hung over my bed...ok, so all this sounds rather humdrum and boring...not terribly deep nor interesting...and that, my friends, is the point...I am ordinary, humdrum and even dare I say it,... boring. I haven't had a deep thought in ages...I can't actually remember when the last time I did have a deep thought... well maybe a few weeks ago when I read The Shack...but certainly that didn't last long nor has one crossed my mind since.
Apparently I don't think very deeply anymore...which means I have nothing to say...nothing worth writing about in cyberspace if you used to come here for inspiration or something I suppose you'd better just give up on that...I'm a pretty shallow pond these days and not likely to bring forth any timely wisdom any time soon. I have become my worst fear...ordinary.
Will I one day again sip from the deep inner wells of the spirit and have life to share?....maybe...but for now...I'm just one of those completely surface kinda folks I usually can't bear to be around.

Sunday, February 01, 2009


I am a list person..
at least I always have been in the past.
These days I'm flyin more by the seat of my pants
less gets done...
but more fun is had by all. :)
This weekend the agenda includes( and notice that I am including the entire weekend in the general scope of things as opposed to specific lists for specific days)

1. Shop for household decor(I am still trying to get decorated after living here 4 yrs)
2. Shop for sales on slacks and any remaining sweater that may still be on the shelf somewhere (they are just about replaced with t-shirts down here)
3. Shop for shower gift (baby is a girl)
3. Shop for groceries(Snyder's has out a new chocolate covered, peanut butter filled, pretzel..OMGosh!)
Are you noticing a trend here??

5. Church attendance
6. Hiking
7. Jada time
8. Pay bills
9. Eat out
10. Super Bowl! (We are a house divide on teams this year:))

What are you doing this weekend?