Sunday, February 15, 2009

Deep...or not...

Well its Sunday afternoon and I'm sitting at the computer licking peanut butter off my fingers to try and type something. Today I have bought groceries and cleaned a little, I have wondered if my brakes need work and if my husband is feeling ok. I have conversed with my mom, my daughter, the auntie who had J overnight and the aforementioned hubby who answers in monosyllables...which makes me wonder if he feels ok. I have a pain in my cheek which makes me wonder if I have a sinus infection and I have appreciated, for the umteenth time, the gorgeous paintings I found and hung over my bed...ok, so all this sounds rather humdrum and boring...not terribly deep nor interesting...and that, my friends, is the point...I am ordinary, humdrum and even dare I say it,... boring. I haven't had a deep thought in ages...I can't actually remember when the last time I did have a deep thought... well maybe a few weeks ago when I read The Shack...but certainly that didn't last long nor has one crossed my mind since.
Apparently I don't think very deeply anymore...which means I have nothing to say...nothing worth writing about in cyberspace if you used to come here for inspiration or something I suppose you'd better just give up on that...I'm a pretty shallow pond these days and not likely to bring forth any timely wisdom any time soon. I have become my worst fear...ordinary.
Will I one day again sip from the deep inner wells of the spirit and have life to share?....maybe...but for now...I'm just one of those completely surface kinda folks I usually can't bear to be around.


jayjay said...

Goodness me, Cheryl, JOIN THE CLUB! After a valiant effort last year when I left as much drivel and shallow stuff behind for a while and plunged into some deeper reading etc, I 'reacted' to that by going into the opposite once I left that place. I really do feel very shallow and preoccupied with surface stuff these days, and have discussed that at length with my sister. (Was that deep I wonder?) Anyway, I sympathise, empathise and generally PATHISE with you, sister. One day soon, maybe we'll get tripped up and land face down on something rich and profound. I hope so.

Jada's Gigi said...

Jayjay, You made me laugh outloud! Hopefully whatever we land face down on won't be poo. LOL

Danielle Says Hello said...

Oh dear friend, you will indeed pass through this 'shallow' time....mine lasted about a year...if you look back at my posts for that year they entailed mainly participation in weekly memes...but I was comfortable with's our minds and bodies sitting by the stream and just watching it go by...and that's okay...been there, done that....and I can still think a deep thought or two again ;)

Deborah said...

Worst fear - to be ordinary, really !?

What an absolute glorious place to be !

I think we're all ordinary, we only make ourselves out to be something more then that in our own minds - at least that's the conclusion I've come to :)

I hope you don't just share when you have something "deep" to share !

Otherwise all the rest of us boring, ordinary people won't have anybody to read or share in boredom together, LOL !

Trish said...

I feel we all need times of feeling else would we know the extraordinary!
There is a season for everything.
And God controls them all my sister!

Pat said...

You too, huh? I do believe that my calling is to be shallow, just to make others with the same calling comfortable too. LOL!
Life is full of deep and shallow, you're either wading in the water or swimming to save you life. Sometimes it feels ok just to float.
Hey, I think I momentarily had a deep thought!

Constance said...

Welcome to my world! I type mindless drivel and send it out over the internet every day! I think I am at my deepest when I am truly intimate with God in our relationship. When I am not, my mind is like tapioca pudding!

Sara said...

Even divers can't stay in the deep forever. We all need moments to rest in the shallows. I'm with and I love you my sister. said...

No, you make us feel ok about ourselves. We can't always be on and those who pretend they are, aren't helping a thing so think of this as a PSA for its alright to just be. Sometimes the deep comes when you least expect it but need it the most. You go Girl and don't sweat the small stuff...

Tammy said...

There could be worse could be busy out of your mind and not even have time to blog LOL! Sometimes boring isn't such a bad thing.

Gina Carlin said...

Cheryl, my Dad used to say, "Don't complain about boring. It means nothing bad is happening. There's a lot worse than boring." I know what you mean though because I feel like that sometimes but you know with all the wisdom you impart to us, I was actually comforting to hear you say you feel boring because that's the way I feel too! See, God used you. There's nothing boring about that. : )

Joni said...

I think I'm in the same boat, Cheryl. Life just kind of takes over, and sucks the inspiration out of us at times, doesn't it?

Maybe the coming of spring will cause an improvement--for me, at least. Because I think your posts are great, no matter how "uninspired" you're feeling!

Pia said...

hi cheryl. i'm so glad to be back blogging. this is just quick announcement. i have a new web addy. i also have a giveaway - my first ever. hope to see you there. =D

Margie said...

sara is so RIGHT!!

Amy said...

I have been struggling with family issues myself. I have also been in a dry season. It's time for me to run to the river of life and be filled again. I'm praying for you. Blessings.

Roddy said...

Hi Cheryl ,
Roddy from Scotland here . Say hello to Tim for me he is always in my thoughts ....Your honesty gives your friends the wonderful opportunity to love you for who you are . The ordinary earthen vessel derives its worth from the treasure it contains .You made me laugh

Anonymous said...

Well..., we know that HE is deep.... and that is really enough...

Terry said...

Dear Jadi Gigi, I don't think that you are shallow at all!
I love blogs that are about every day things.
It is not boring.
Thank you for your visit to my blog.
Yes that was just something that Rosie Rozell sang that song the way he did and it was so precious the way that young man hugged him at the end.
You know that Bill Gaither is worth his weight in gold. Another time he got Doug Oldham to sing, "The King is Coming" and also, "Thanks to Calvary, I Don't Live Here Anymore". Bill Gaither wrote that song years ago, especially for Doug.
So many of the singers in the Bill Gaither and Friends are singing in heaven now and I miss them so much.
We used to phone Jake Hess every so often when he was home. He was my favourite.
I am staying home today because I really have to get rid of this cold.
Tomorrow morning Betty is taking me to Hamilton to the heart specialist to see if and when I will get a pace maker, and I sure am not looking forward to that!
Take care of yourself and find out what is ailing your husband and find out why your cheek is aching.
If you don't that Felisol on the far side of the sea will be after you to go to the docs.
That is why I started to go!....Love Terry

Felisol said...

Dear Cheryl,
Like the others I think that being honest and straightforward is more giving and honorable that these wannabees.
Most of our days we are occupied with everyday tasks.
All these days that came and went, were life itself.
There are days up on Tabor, when God blesses us with his company.
Most days are rich just being ordinary.
That's what we miss mostly when in times of illness or other trials, they are gone.
Just now I'm going to serve my husband a late d' but oh, so simple dinnner.
He's smiling all over his face.
That is a giant everyday joy.
From Felisol

Mrs. Mac said...

Cheryl ... I hate to break it to you, but ordinary is NORMAL. And just think ... you're a scarf sister, so you can't be that normal (lol). You are not alone!

wv: flamiess (who thinks up these wv?) I'd like to have that job :)

Goody said...

Dear Cheryl,
I am always boring, especially when I look at myself with my humaness. But, you are marvelous and full of Jesus! And, maybe by now you have had a little taste of Him!
Luff you!

Vicki said...

Girlfriend, all I can say is, I've met you, and you are NOT boring.

Gosh, we're all living mundane, ordinary lives, but I'm thankful for every season. Sometimes I need to be with a friend who'll laugh (or cry) with me, 'cause too many times I get hung up in my own seriousness...

Cheryl, thanks for being yourself, 'cause that's the Cheryl I love. You're a real blessing to me.


Eli's Lids said...

My mom ("suzie says" label on my blog) says Life is easier when you are shallow..."