Saturday, August 29, 2009

End of Summer?

Goodness its nice here lately! What marvelous weather for August. The dog days have passed and though the calendar still says "summer" there is a twing of fall in the air. Plenty of rain this summer so all is green and flourishing with impatiens are huge, still, soon they will need to be replaced with mums and a more fallish look. School has begun...although everything in my being shouts "too early!!" one listened to me. Summer is ending in spite of all I can do. :)

However August coming to an end does mean one really exciting thing....


In only 6 short days we will be on our way.
My hubby and I will be taking a strictly vacation, vacation. No little kids to bundle and chase planning for something "everyone" can do, no "church" stuff on the side...or church work with a little vacation on the side either....just play and relaxation for 9 days in paradise with our sweet daughter and SIL hosting us. I can hardly believe it! We did spend 5 days in San Antonio a few years ago so we are starting to get the hang of it. Who knows...maybe I'll get inspired and have a deep thought like I did at The Alamo...after all we will be touring Pearl Harbor with my SIL.
BTW...his grandfather was actually there at Pearl Harbor that fateful the Navy, just like his grandson...spared because he forgot his rosary on the way to mass and returned to barricks to retrieve it. God always has a plan doesn't He?

So look for some awesome photos in the near future of us being lazy and having a good time...


Felisol said...

Dear Cheryl,
I am so happy for you and your Hawaiian vacation.
I think that's a place I'll only dream of.
Have a blessed journey.
I'll be glad if you share your joy in pictures and stories.
From Felisol
PS My first conscious memory from Hawaii is Elvis Presley in the movie "Blue Hawaii."
I am getting old... said...

Enjoy your time - a bit of vacation envy even with my non-gypsy blood. If you see Dog the Bounty Hunter say hi. Take lots of pictures to share and enjoy your family. Rock on sister...

Pat said...

monaknekelayhowlaokkhowie = an old Hawaiian saying for "I am so jealous". But, I'm also thrilled for you and hubby. What a wonderful trip!
Put on the grass skit and hula yourself silly!

Mrs. Mac said...

Oooh, If you were doing a girls trip, I'd ask to be a stow-a-way .. but the hubby .. no work .. no church business .. type of vacation .. well, at least post some pictures .. please. Enjoy the moment .. and plan a few more.

jayjay said...

Sounds great, Cheryl. Wish I could be there too. We're enjoying very similar weather at the moment as Spring hits. I think there must be a window of time between our two countries when it is just the same. Like now.

Constance said...

Can't wait to see your pictures! I am not a lie on the beach kind of gal so Hawaii has never appealed to me. However, I told Dave that I would love to go for a few days so I could see Pearl Harbor, I'm sure I'd need at least one day for that as well as doing some hiking. San Antonio is one of my favorite get away places and it's only *5 hours from us. I'm telling you, this kind of a vacation just might spoil you forever, I know it has Dave and I!

Constance said...

I went back and read your post on the Alamo that you referred to. I have to say I have been there twice and I feel like I am standing in a sacred place. Downtown San Antonio is all around this little square block of dramatic history. We in this country today, don't really understand the concept of sacrifice and dying for something you believe in. We have become fat, dumb and happy.

"The rest of you can go to Hell but I am going to Texas!"
Davy Crockett