Thursday, April 09, 2009

Let's have a Tea Party!

On April 15th this is happening all across the country. There will be a massive one held right here in Atlanta. What do you think?... are ya feelin' patriotic...or just plain fed up?


Terry said...

i just read the report that you have here jada gigi.
do they really tax tea in the states.
most of the food goods here are not taxed in the grocery store.

i think that all the governments have the same idea.
here in ontario, our provincial sales tax is 8 per cent and every province has a federal tax called gst[goods and service tax]
i thought it was so funny when greater vision was singing in hamitlton, that gerald wolfe said what the gst stood for was 'grab, steal and take"!
the gst was seven per cent and it is paid on stamps utilities, motel, car repairs, books etc...where we don't have to pay provincial tax.
well in the last year our prime minister kept his promise that he would lower the gst tax to 5 per cent which was nice of him, eh.
not..what they want to do now is put those two taxes together and charge 13 per cent...that means that all the utilities, books, children's clothes, new houses and such will cost a customer 13 per cent instead of 5.
very tricky people these politicians are...

jada gigi...i saw you over at curious servants. is he a friend of yours too. bernie and i have been friends with him for about three years and we do love him.
when his two boys became us citizens last year , i dedicated a post to them. it is on june 2.
it was such a happy day for cs and his friends.
we rejoiced with him for sure.
cs let me use his shepard and the lost sheep painting for my dad and he let me post it.
he is such a great and unselfish artist.
well i have talked too long.
it is just that i am feeling so much better terry

ps...the greatest thing that cs did for me was to introduce felisol to me. she is my bestest friend and dad golden, she has adopted for her prayer child...

i hope you americans do well on that giant tea party.

Danielle Says Hello said...

We're having quite a few of these 'round are parts but I won't be participating...only because you are never quite certain what will transpire at events like these and I can't afford bail money ;)

Trish said...

I haven't heard of any in our area...but i am fed up a bit!

Mrs. Mac said...

Mr. Mac and Son of Mac attended a local 'tea party' on Wednesday. More ordinary citizens need to speak up and voice their opinions. For too long the 'silent' majority has been passed over and pushed down. Let's hope that this movement will continue and voices heard.


P.S. I loved the acronym for Terry's Canadian tax called gst (grab, steal, & tax ;)