Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Why do I need the Church?

Now take this in context...if you know me you know I DO NOT mean "why do I Go to church?" Going to church and living the Church are completely different things to me....:)
I can think of a zillion reasons why I need the church but I recently heard a beautiful prioritizing of why I need the Church. Here are the top 5 reasons that were given, I even like the order.

1. The Church helps me focus on Christ = Worship
2. The Church helps me face life = Fellowship
3. The Church helps my faith to develop = Maturity
4. The Church helps me find my purpose = Purpose in His house
5. The Church helps me fulfil life's mission = Purpose in the earth


everydayRANDOM said...

I hear you - not sure what to do with all of it. You know my love-hate relationship with The Church but I KNOW that Christ's Bride is very important to Him.
I hear the worship thing, fellowship too - maybe more in a community setting - even Christ had a limited circle of people He spent lots of time with.
For some of us, The Church will always be a problem, one I must come to some kind of terms with. Thanks for going there, maybe it is something I need to revisit...

jayjay said...

Love those clearcut, and yes, ever so important reasons why I need the Church. Good reminder.

Becky said...

you are where your heart is. i like church. that could be why i need it. like the list.

Margie said...

love the list... will be praying for your daughter

Anonymous said...


Mrs. Mac said...

I've become burned out 'going to church' ... for years I longed to be there ... not for the building or even the people ... just to be quiet with God ... then came the years of working in children's ministry, AWANA, home schooling and I gave it my gusto ... next came juggling going with Nathan and the stress of that ... even started a special needs Sunday school program ... but now I just need time to be still at home without the 'pressure' of organized religion. Oh, I still need the Church ... God's people ... and I do worship Him and give Him the praise He deserves ... but this warn out fifty something person needs the quiet of Sunday morning at home.

Vicki said...

Hey friend. Didn't realize you'd posted on this. I'm catching up here today. Good post! I do love and agree with each of the five!

My heart empathizes with scores of people in our generation who are finally burned out on institutionalism and need to concentrate on their relationship with Jesus. Still, there's no denying that each of us has much to give to the Body, as well as receive.

So thankful He meets many of our needs through sweet fellowship in the Church, but a true friend in Christ does MUCH to help us focus on these five areas, too.

love ya,