Thursday, June 26, 2008


I heard this song today for the first time. I don't know if its new or old.
It touched me....I love these words for they express where I am just now.

"Come and fill my soul with who you are
In my silence, You still hear me"

Wow. Thank you, Lord that you hear even when I don't/can't speak, when I am at a loss for words.
You DO fill me up with WHO you are.

- A Loss For Words -

Charles Billingsley
I've prayed in the silence

And felt your presence near

I've walked in the garden

And found you waiting there

I have stood with the masses

To lift my hands in praise

I've knelt there all alone and called your name

Yet today I'm just not sure

Of what I should say

I am empty, You are holy

Come and fill my soul with who you are

In my silence, You still hear me


You are holy, you are worthy

The blessed Son of God, the morning star

You are glorious, you are marvelous

But there's so much more, to who you really are

To who you really


Christo Swanepoel said...

Amen, it is lovely.

Anonymous said...

it's so refreshing to know that God always hears us.

Pat said...

Beautiful. I have prayed without saying a word. I have prayed without bending my knees. I have prayed with sounds only the Lord knows. He always fills me up with His presence, with who He is.
I have never heard this song, but the words are truly inspired.

Kim said...

Absolutely beautiful words. I haven't heard it yet, but I like it already.

Vicki said...

Beautiful.....every word. Yes, He fills us, even when at a loss for words. So much of the time, I'm completely at a loss for them.

My little one is here with me all's been hard to get online:-) I keep thinking of you and hoping your summer is going well.

Til later,

everydayRANDOM said...

It is beautiful - I have never heard it. Going to teh kids'church tomorrow to hear Eric Clapton's favorite guitarist - can't wait! Music is so soothing, like a balm for healing...

jayjay said...

Isn't that so true and so comforting. I feel empty so much these days, and yet I know that matters nothing to One who fills empty vessels with Himself to overflowing. Thanks for the timely reminder.

Gina said...

It's comforting to know that the Holy Spirit guides us in prayer. Even in the very speaking to Him, He helps us. Beautiful song, thank you.