Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Sights From Texas

The gorgeous Riverwalk in San AntonioVisit to Threadgill's (birthplace of Austin's music scene) . Nobody told us, we found this place on a fluke. It has an amazing history and was really fun to see.
daughter and hubby, the greatest attraction in Tx as far as we're concerned..:)
Cabela's...we've gotten the catalogues forever but this store takes the covers acres, really!

Me and hubby practicing our aims.... he outscored us all..."good eye honey!"
A trip out to the western town of Banderas..can you see the cowboys riding off into the sunset in the distance...this town was the real mccoy!

Yummy orchards...pickled okra, apple butter...ummm!


Joni said...

Looks like you really enjoyed your time there. Thanks for sharing the pics!

(Hmmm. Apple butter sounds really good right about now!)

everydayRANDOM said...

Looks like too much fun. The kids look good and so do you guys.

What a wonerful time for you all to spend together. Great memories -always thought this might be the place to go for the best BBQ.

Hope you got lots of rest too!

Pat said...

You make me long for Texas! We were supposed to go for our Anniversary last year, but plans changed-maybe next year.
We have a Cabela's near us - I think they should just declare it a city, it's soooo big.
I need to look up the town of Banderas - looks very interesting for sure. You guys all look great, what a sweet reunion!

Amy said...

Great pics, thanks for sharing your trip with us.

Danielle Blogging for Balance said...

Oh I so enjoyed going down memory lane with you!! I love Texas...we hope to retire there when Miss Sam leaves for college! your family is beautiful. We get the Cabela's catalogue also...I didn't know they had a store...much like the Bass Pro Shop store we have in goes on for acres and acres also.

Goody said...

I love that part of Texas. Sounds like you had a lot of fun. Love your cute hair cut. Pretty children! Tim looks good.

BekABoo said...

So fun! We really did a lot, didn't we? You need to send me pictures! I have about 3 from cake with James.

Deborah and Sally said...

Looks marvelously enjoyable !

Barb @ A Chelsea Morning said...

Great photos, Cheryl. I seriously wanted to climb into my computer screen and join you guys at that orchard. Don't laugh. But it's the checkered cloth covered picnic tables. Brought back some great memories. :-)

jayjay said...

Wow, that looks great!! I forget what doggone fun the USA is - and my brief foray into the big state wasn't enough. I loved the sample I got through your pics and long to go back some day.