Friday, August 06, 2010

What can possibly go wrong??

Order of business for having a wedding:

1. Couple gets engaged but want to get married right away!
2. There is only one suitable venue for miles that is available in on short notice...its available on a Sunday..July the date is set..July 11th it is.
3. Guests are invited.

4. Bride is notified that original dress ordered for Bride is out of stock and discontinued.
5. Bride finds second dress. It is the only one in her size in the Continental United States and the zipper is broken
6. Zipper is repaired but fabric is gathered on the side seams of the dress and will not lie flat.
7. Dress finally altered and repaired 4 days before the wedding...Whew!

8. Bridesmaid's dresses are a completely different color than they appeared online....(this seemed to bother no one but the mother of the Bride) and it turned out fine..lovely actually.

9. Guests begin arriving ( happy day!)

10. Mother of the Groom loses her ID at the airport, never to be seen again.

11. Tree falls on house of Bride's parents. At least that cuts down on the squirrels in their yard. No one is hurt, thank goodness!

12. Wedding must go on so everyone climbs over tree, cuts car out from under the branches and carries on.

13. Mother of the Bride carts everything over to the venue for decor, food etc., stopping several times along the way for pickups only to have the car die at the venue not to be started again without a tow and a mechanic.

14. Wedding goes off without a hitch

15. Enough food is left over to feed the neighborhood...literally...several are called in to take leftovers home.

And they lived happily ever after...The End!

(at least that's how we do weddings in our family)